We are a team that’s easy and fun to work with and our key ethos is “Quality” always!

What Makes Us Different From Other Companies?


Having the right blend of skills to fit a client’s lifecycle is hugely important towards delivering success in every project.


We believe all experience, good or bad, should help you in future campaigns in some way or another.


All that matters is the right people with the right skill set to finish a succesful project with the best tools.


The ability to get stuff done could be the most underrated attribute of an agency, but it’s one of the most important.


If you’re working with a likeable team, that makes it easier to have honest feedback and open conversations when things don’t go according to plan.


We want to be as creative as possible, yet we also want to keep our clients happy by getting the best results we can.

Powered by data, driven by intelligence and delivered by exceptional talent.

Our Journey

Disruptive technologies force us to transform business opportunities.


At AIT, we help businesses adapt to the evermore digital world.

Whether your business requires an agile expansion or an effective Omni-channel marketing presence, we are here to help revolutionize the way you grow your business.


We began as a small start-up and grew into a successful digital

solutions agency. This journey has given us deep insight into what’s required to build a business from the ground up. Over the last few years, AIT has grown exponentially to help businesses all over the world deliver memorable customer experiences through beautifully crafted digital solutions. Whether our clients are shooting for the moon or tackling a routine problem, we tailor our solutions to achieve success without pinching the pocket.

Our Vision

We imagine a world where online growth is painless for professional teams, and industry leaders are free to focus on what matters without sacrificing employee resources.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide dedicated expert teams that deliver top quality solutions, on time, and at an affordable rate. Providing our clients with the highest caliber experience for their customers is our highest priority.

Our Culture

We are a group of creative thinkers building innovative solutions to evolve in a digital world. The key to our growing success is our dedicated and skilled team that considers various perspectives before empowering businesses and markets with innovative ideas. We listen to our client’s needs intuitively and enable them to improve performance and become more agile and competitive.

Take full advantage of the digital tools your organization is already using

We pride ourselves in our collaborative operating model that bring clients into the process. Our approach has allowed us to partner with clients from different industries whose stories we are proud to share.

With 6 years of experience tackling countless digital projects, we have learnt how to see around corners, eliminate costly mistakes before they occur and deliver the results you desire-all while you enjoy the ride.

We see the opportunity & challenges to approach digital products as experiences

AIT equips you with a team of experts with the knowledge and expertise to get your project moving quickly.

Our client base is fairly diverse across numerous verticals, from innovative startups to global enterprises. Whether it’s a corporate website that needs to be revamped or a hot new product launch, we like getting our hands dirty-especially for clients that know what results they want and trust us to lead the way.

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